1. Doldrums

    You think your share price is below underlying or long term value and you want to know whether you’re right, how your investors see it and, if so, what to do about it.

  2. Inertia

    Your long-standing advisers are passive and don’t provide challenge for fear of jeopardising the relationship, which you and your board worry is too comfortable. You need someone who isn’t afraid to challenge while also fitting in with your other advisers.

  3. Weak foundations

    Your capital structure is weighing on the share price and you’re unsure which route and sequence of solutions will best protect shareholder value.

  4. Generous to a fault

    Your dividend is unsustainable and inconsistent with preserving both your credit profile and investing for the long term. You need to find a way to re-base it which minimises dislocation to your equity story and share price.

  5. Vested interests

    Your legacy advisers have a long-standing ‘defence’ mandate and only come to life if this happens. You believe that the best defence is a pro-active approach to value creation but since there is no obvious ‘transaction’ your advisers are not really engaged.

  6. Winner’s curse

    Expensive M&A appears to be the only available avenue to growth, but you’re not convinced it will create long-term value. You need to know if there are any alternatives that could reconcile the two.

  7. The unreachable star?

    You have found your ‘dream deal’ but it appears to be out of reach. You want to know if there is a creative, non-obvious solution that will help you unlock and secure it.

  8. Worlds apart

    The board is concerned that your corporate finance advisers do not know or understand your investors, while your brokers are not schooled in corporate finance. You are planning an ambitious move and want to find a way to draw these disciplines together from the outset.

  9. Distant relations

    Your key shareholders are based outside your home country and are unfamiliar to your board and domestic advisers. You need someone who better understands and can influence decision making.

  10. Greener pastures

    Your equity story doesn’t resonate with the opinion-leading investors who you think should own your shares. You want to adapt your message and communicate it more effectively in order to bring them on board.

  11. Active on activists

    An activist has surfaced on your share register and may go public with a series of criticisms. You need to work out if the critique is valid and, if so, develop a pre-emptive plan including communication with other investors.

  12. Funding the future

    You need help in developing and executing a funding strategy to underpin your company's strategic goals and want ‘product-agnostic’ expertise to help you find the best path.

  13. Debt dilemmas

    Your debt is too high and a covenant breach is a possibility. You are being pushed to issue equity as a ‘quick fix’ but are not sure if this is the right thing to do and you need someone qualified to turn to for unbiased advice.

  14. Dream fulfilment

    You have a promising business idea and plan that requires substantial new, long-term capital but relying on traditional debt makes no sense. You are keen to look at alternatives to help fulfil your ambition and stay true to your original vision without losing control.

  15. Full speed ahead

    You’re taking on a new role in your existing or new company and want to be ready to hit the ground running. As you prepare to assume your new responsibilities you need someone you can confide in and count on, to help draw up your plan of attack.

  16. Extra horsepower

    A new, mission critical project has arisen and your senior team is stretched to the maximum. You need someone who can seamlessly integrate with them to provide a distinctive perspective and resources to address the surge requirement.